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Shure SLXD1 at a Glance:

  • Clear transmissions
  • Simple setup
  • Rechargeable Battery available  (SB903)
  • Drop charger available (SBC203)

The sound you know without the dropouts

Shure's been at the forefront of the wireless movement for more than three decades. Over the years, Shure's learned a thing or two about providing reliable signal and is pleased to report that SLXD experiences fewer dropouts than ever before. We chalk the impressive performance up to the sheer transmission strength and the natural resistance to RF interference. One thing's for sure; you can trust SLXD to deliver a clear and rock-solid signal night after night.

Get heard loud and clear

One of the chief advantages of using the SLXD series is the immense dynamic range. Since Shure SLXD systems transmit digitally, you can use its entire dynamic range without worrying about the effects of companding and compression. And thanks to its 120dB dynamic range, your system will be able to handle whisper-quiet performers and rock bands alike. No matter what performers are onstage, SLXD makes sure that they're heard loud and clear.

Ready to go the distance

Shure's SLXD systems are versatile and expandable to fit the needs of any venue. Single-channel and dual-channel receivers and vocal, guitar, headset, and lavalier options let you choose the setup that's right for you. Once you get everything you need, getting set up is a breeze. One-touch synchronization and IR scan make pairing a transmitter and receiver a walk in the park. With a pair of AA batteries, Shure's SLXD transmitters provide up to eight hours of non-stop operation that's perfectly suited for conferences, extended performances, and Sunday mornings.

Shure SLXD1 Bodypack Features:

  • Complete digital wireless system for live performance
  • interface with almost any lavalier, earset or headset microphone
  • Transparent 24-bit digital audio provides high-quality signal resolution
  • Low-profile design is comfortable to wear for extended periods
  • IR sync provide easy pairing to a transmitter
  • Tour tough construction stands up to punishment
  • 32 available channels per frequency band (region dependent)
  • Up to 10 compatible systems per 6MHz TV band; 12 systems per 8 MHz band


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