About us


Create and/or distribute products to help school and community theatres make better use of wireless systems, sound systems and comms systems, including microphones, accessories for wireless microphone systems, antennas, antenna distribution systems, power supplies for wireless receivers, battery chargers for wireless transmitters, digital and analog mixers and audio gear and party-line production intercoms. These products must represent the "Value meets Quality" standard we live by.  These products and services will provide similar real world results as existing products at considerable savings.


We are always looking for products that can be be manufactured that will perform the required functions at a better than acceptable level of quality and reliability.  Where this is not feasible, we will seek out partners who manufacture suitable products.  During 2016 we add Studiomaster and Granite Sound products to our portfolio.  In 2015 we added Audio-Technica, Sennheiser and Shure wireless systems.


Rod started his career in lighting and sound production while still in high school around 1971.  What else was a kid supposed to do when his friends started a band and he could neither sing nor play an instrument - that's right ... roadie come lighting guy! 
This eventually led to University as an Electrical Engineer major (Tech Theatre minor by association) and working as a lighting designer/technical director for a semi pro theatre company in Sydney and a few years later (1977) led to the opening of Trilogy Lighting and Sound with a high school buddy- yep one of those guys in the band.  In 1983 after growing and dabbling in concert production and touring we purchased a larger sound install, rental ,manufacturer organization that needed some new blood.  And so was born The PA People, still one of Australia's premier sound contracting companies.
In 1997 Rod moved to the US, married a Jersey girl and started a family and went in search of new business opportunities.  Reilly SR LLC was initially started to provide management consulting to regional sound production and AV companies.  This when fairly well until the 2007 housing bubble and subsequent recession - those wonderful lucrative consultancies with law firms and conference centers vanished virtually overnight.  That was a rude awakening and Rod took any work - freelance, short term contract, whatever work he could find and he launched what is now bodymics.rentals.



What is now bodymics.rentals was created back in 2007 as a wireless microphone rental company offering low cost wireless systems for schools, churches and other community groups.  Over the next couple of years we offered our service nationwide - same rental price, free delivery anywhere in the continental USA.

As we researched various products and became disenchanted about the cost of good headworn microphones, and the lousy quality of the cheap ones on the market; we looked for alternatives that would allow us to rent systems with quality microphones at prices that didn't require a mortgage.  We found a couple of great manufacturers who would produce microphones to our specifications - after trying dozens of products from vendors all over the world. It then occurred to us, that if we needed an affordable source of good quality microphones, so did a lot of other people.  

With that LIGHT BULB MOMENT we began having our own microphones manufactured to our specifications - and so began bodymics wireless bodypack microphones and this website.

In December 2014 we received our first batch of earsets (single ear headsets) in cream with just three connector options - Audio-Technica, Sennheiser and Shure.  Three months later we added the AKG connector option and black earsets, another few months and we added lavaliers and headsets ... check out our timeline highlights.