Building Hair Rigs to mount lavaliers in the hair

BUILDING A bodymics HCR  STYLE HAIR CLIP RIG - simple or pro

I like to to mount the mic under the clip - others prefer it over the top.  For really short hair the top is probably better,


  1. Start with 2 or 3 Mini Hair Clips (wig lLips, Toupee Clips)   
  2. Open the clip by flexing it against the curve and it will pop open
  3. Place small elastic band over the tines
  4. Then close the clip to hold band in place
  5. From the top (above pic) push the elastic under the center tine
  6. Clip is ready to mount onto lavalier.  We usually use 2 or 3 of these clips per microphone.  So build however many you need per the next stge - fitting the microphone.


    1. Using a small flat blade screwdriver from the tine side slide the screwdriver under the elastic i]on the center tine - there will be two 92) runs of elastic here. Note the direction we enter from.
    2. Stretch the elastic to create a space big enough to slide the head of the lavalier through .
    3. Slide the lavalier into the space created - it slides in the opposite direction than the screwdriver. 
    4. Release the elastic.  Slide along the cable as required.  Repeat to add additional Hair Clip Rigs.

    Heres how 3 would look:











    For more professional results  you will want the cable to run parallel to the clip (as opposed to perpendicular in the simple method. 

    Construction is similar, except that you push the elastic over the first and last tines.  This time we will run the cable over the top of the clip rather thn the bottom, so that means pushing the elastic from the other side so that on the first and last tines there are two runs of elastic on the top of the clip.

    Again use a small flat bladed screwdriver the create a hole to push the mic through on the first time, and then repeat on the last tine - the cable lays along the clip.

    The idea with these is to always have the tines pointing towards the center of the head and place them under the hair as best as possible away from any natural part to ensure that they are as invisible.



    BUILDING A HAIR CLIP RIG - The Broadway Method

    Other folks used elastic cord to build a similar rig - it involves using elastic cord that fits through the little holes on the clip and tying it off so that it is tight enough and usually the knots are clued with nail varnish or super glue.

    Courtesy of Shure here is some info on this method of construction plus how to put the rig on an actor.