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The SKM 100 G4-S handheld transmitter equipped with an interchangeable MMD 835 dynamic cardioid microphone capsule optimized for speech. The handheld transmitter provides up to 8 hours of operation on two AA batteries, with a fixed 30mW RF power output and a transmission range up to 330'. Up to 12 wireless mics can operate simultaneously in the same space, with the receivers linked together for fast, multi-channel frequency setup.

The SKM 100 G4-835-S is backward-compatible with previous evolution systems. You can mix and match G4/G3/G2/G1 receivers or bodypack, handheld, and plug-on transmitters. It is also compatible with EW 300/500 systems.

Select Band:

  • A1 - 470-516 MHz
  • A   - 516-558 MHz
  • G   - 566-608 MHz


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