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The Hellerman Tool is a "three prong plier set" that slides into a Hellerman Expandable Sleeve and stretches it to allow a cable or ear hook to slide through before releasing the sleeve to clamp down over them to hold them in place.

We stock 4 versions

  • HT-SS - Just the Tool - HT-SS for 1.2-2mm sleeves only
  • HT-SS-Gel  -Tool plus Bodymics Lubricating Gel (15ml) (HT-SS-Gel)
  • HT-SS-CD4 - Tool + 50ml Bodymics Lubricating gel, 100 1.5mm Sleeves and 100 2.omm sleeves for adding strain relief to light duty mic cables (CD5 to CD4)
  • HT-DKit - Tool Kit - 3 sets of prongs for up to 11mm diameter, plus Hellerine Oil to coat the prongs so the easily release the sleeves

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