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We specialize in building Easily Transportable Wireless Systems For Theatre or Performance

NB: All Rack'D systems are built to order and take 2-3 weeks to complete ready for shipping

Our Rack'D FLY CASE 8 channel BLX system is built around 8xBLX14R systems with receivers (1/2 width 1u rack) and transmitter bodypacks plus a high performance antenna distribution .system so that everything can be run from just 2 antennas and built into an SKB 3i-2317M146 Rack in a Rolling Case.


Our systems always cost less than the sum of the parts using Shure products throughout, but provide the same level of performance:

PERFORMANCE system uses our active Creative Audio CA.D29 dual  9 way(8 way plus cascade out to link to anther rack) antenna  distribution system so the whole system runs on just 2 x 1/2 wave whip antennas, and bodymics 10x Broadway BLF4 lavalier/hairline microphone elements (yep 2 spares, cause we know one will be wrecked at the worst possible time.

Internet cost of major components - receivers, transmitters, mics, antenna distros and case is around $7,492.00

If you purchased all the items including internal wiring, hardware etc it could cost around $8500, but we are charging just $6,500 ready to use- around $2,000 less plus the labor to unpack, assemble, test and ship, and then we include the following:

  • tailored length dc and antenna cabling for our TidyRack(TM) look - no more rats nests 
  • our premium XLR loom - 8 cables 10ft long
  • assembly - put everything into the rack, cable it and test it 
    • order and gather all the necessary parts - say 1 hour
    • unpack everything - say 1 hour
    • assemble the BLX4R receivers - add rack ears/joiners - say 45 minutes
    • unpack the SKB fly rack and prep for use - say 15 minutes
    • bolt the BLX4R receivers into rack - say 30 minutes
    • mount the active antenna distributor and cable -say 10 minutes
    • fit Antenna Panel - say 5 minutes
    • connect the XLR looms to each receiver and anchor to rack - say 15 minutes
    • connect power and antenna cables between units - say 15 minutes including lacing for neatness
    • attach channel numbers to each receiver and each transmitter - say 10 minutes
    • select 8x frequencies that will "play nice" together at your zip code - say 15 minutes
    • program these frequencies into the receivers - say 10 minutes
    • sync the transmitters to it's matching receiver - say 5 minutes
    • connect the XLR outputs into a test sound system - say 3 minutes
    • unpack the 10 microphones, connect each to a transmitter , and test that each microphone, transmitter and receiver works as specifies - say 30 minutes
    • repack for shipping - say 30 minutes


Our CA.D29 antenna distributor plugs directly into mains power!



BE4V: 3/16" Omni Easy Fit Sliding Boom Virtually Unbreakable Boom with Fixed Cable


BE4S: 3/16" Omni Countryman style with Fixed Cable


DEF3V: 1/10" "Grain of Rice" Omni - Easy Fit Sliding Boom Virtually Unbreakable Boom with Field Replaceable Cable


DEF3S: 1/10" "Grain of Rice" Omni - Countryman style with Field Replaceable Cable




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