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We are excited to finally have stock of our innovative 8 UHF wireless receivers in a 1u rack-mountable case.

Since we designed this product with school, church and community theatre groups in mind our standard package comes with eight (8) bodypack transmitters, but Handheld Transmitters are available too.

We designed this unit to perform both audio and RF wise to the same level as the SHUREx SLX or the Sennheisexr Ew100-G3 level. We believe we successfully achieved that aim at a price per system of less than 50% of the cost of those great brands - and at our introductory price about one third of the cost. - $2299 vs $4792 for 8 systems of either the Shure or the Sennheiser. (and that is before add antenna distribution to reduce the number antennas from 16 to 4.) Add a pair of antenna distributors and the compare to price skyrockets to $6,000.

In additional it takes up significantly less space in - 1u including antenna distribution vs 5u or 6u depending on which ADA's are used.

Do we think you should consider ours over these - of course, but even if you want to stick to the major branded systems for your leads our CA.81 is perfect for the supporting roles, and makes it possible to grow to 16, 32 or 40 channels at an amazingly low cost of entry.

PROOF OF PERFORMANCE: we have had 20 of these systems in Rental - our own rental, plus 3 US based rental houses and 1 Canadian for 18months and so far no reported problems other than a couple of failed transmitters.

Our direct to school-church-community theatre price is under $2000 (or $245 per receiver/transmitter combo)

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