We take all the worry and hassle out of building your system - you tell us what you want and we build it.  

  • Choose brand and model of wireless systems,
  • microphone brand/models/styles,
  • what sort of rack you need,
  • microphone storage storage
  • antenna options - whips, directional paddles
  • network options for digital receivers. 

Essentially we charge you for the major items at internet prices - receivers, transmitters, microphones, antenna distribution, antennas and road cases.  Then we build it, provide all the cabling (including an XLR/XLR loom), storage sleeves for transmitters, and any necessary hardware.

You get a Ready to Use system - even comes with batteries in the transmitter and a set of co-ordinated frequencies that will likely work for you out of the box - literally plug and play.

All our systems include:

  • receivers
  • transmitters - standard with bodypacks
  • microphones for wireless - lav/hairline, earset or headset inc. spares
  • antenna distribution and whips or directional paddles as requested
  • lockable storage drawer
  • all internal power and antenna wiring
  • network adapter and cabling for digital systems
  • antenna and network in/out panel on rear
  • 6ft power cable - attached to rack
  • 10ft XLR-XLR loom - attached to rack with male XLRs to plug into mixer
  • fly rack
  • rolling hard SKB case
  • tuned and all function tested
  • shipping (free ground)

We currently have four standard build solutions:

  • Fly Racks - built around 3, four or 6u shallow (13" deep) racks that at stowed in an SKB (Pelican) style rolling case
  • Performance - same configuration as fly buy in a standard SKB rack with lids or optional ATA style roadcase rack with lids
  • Show Ready - as above but includes power conditioner and often more space between receivers for better cooling
  • Tour Ready - shock mount SKB roadcase rack (or ATA style) with forced air cooling and optional UPS backup power/conditioning



Shure  Fly Rack 8
Sennheiser Performance 12
Audio-Technica Show Ready 16
Creative Audio Tour Ready 20
JTS 24