Microphones for Wireless


In addition to our own bodypack transmitter microphones - Broadway, Drury Lane and Keira - we also sell Countryman, Audio-Technica, Mission, OSP, Sennheiser and Shure microphones.  Currently on this webstore we only have listings for our own products - please call if you need anything else.

There are three common types of bodypack microphones used for theatre and presentations:

  • Earsets - these fit over one ear and provide excellent pickup and sound quality when fitted correctly.

  • Hairline/Lavaliers - in theatre these are most commonly woven through the hair with just the very end on the mic visible at the hairline, or placed over the ear and taped somewhere along the cheek using surgical tape.  For presenters these are used more traditionally - clipped to a tie, shirt, blouse, lapel etc.

  • Headsets - these have 2 earhooks for better stability and generally an adjustable boom so it can be positioned properly.  For

    • theatre - we use very lightweight hard to see units,

    • rock and roll - we use far more substantial models that will handle high sound pressure levels less than 1" from the capsule,

    • presenters  - it usually depends on the speakers preference

    • fitness/dance instructors - there are specialized ones that take the extra abuse necessary - we currently do not stock any of these.