Loom'D XLR Rack Extension Snakess

Over the last 20 years we have been building and renting wireless microphone racks we were forever haunted by the ugliness of the inevitable cable nests that were created in the back of a rack.
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Years ago we began tidying our racks using traditional installation standards - very time consuming, and it still took up lots of room and there was always excess cables to hide.
Our first step was ...
We changed to custom length RF (BNC-BNC) cables from which we created custom looms so that all our RF runs were vertical or horizontal fro the antenna distribution systems. see RFdevices RF cables
Then ...
We did the same with DC power cables (not an issue if using Sennheiser receivers and antenna distro as the receivers are powered via phantom voltage sent over the B side BNC outputs of the Sennheiser distros.) see DC-DC cables and DC y cables
Third ...
we used XLR looms (some call them XLR Extension Snakes) rather loose cables, and tried to minimize the clutter - again trying to maintain only vertical or horizontal cable runs.
Now ...
We have started to manufacture our XLR looms with tapered fanouts so that there is less cable to hide.  For typical half rack unit receivers we run the loom to the middle of the set of receivers (4, 8, 12 or 16) and then the individual fanouts nicely run to each XLR output with no excess cable
(we also have 12 and 16 way looms)
And that led to ...
At the mixer we tend to create the same cable clutter/mess so what if ... we tapered that end too.  So we did each cable is about 1.1" shorter than the next.  Then it dawned on us that some folks prefer to sit the wireless racks on the left of the mixer, and others on the right, so ... we created both left and right versions for the 4 and 8 way - the 12 and 16 way ones are right side only. - this is were i put them normally!
Which will then look like this:
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