e. Wireless Bodypack Transmitter Pouch Belt - black or beige Neoprene Durable, Washable LOWER $


  • $ 22.00

Bodypack transmitter secure waist belt - neoprene  - TB30/TB40 

color:    B-black, N-beige
belt length:   TB30 -20-32", TB40-30-42"
quantity discounts:  1-4 net, 5-9 less 5%, 10-24 less 10%, 25+ less 15%
Safely holds the bodypack transmitter in the small of the actors back
Water-resistant and washable belt
Adjustable to fit waists from 20-32" (TB30x) or 30-42" (TB40x)
Easy to put on and remove
Available in Taupe/Nude or Black
and in packs of 1, 3, 10 or 25

Bodypack Transmitter is not included

Material:     3mm Neoprene
Color: Black
Will absorb some sweat, but still offers significant protection to the bodypack*
Belt Length: ~35 or 47"
Waist range:  20" to 42"
Custom manufactured in China to our design

1 year Warranty - Faulty Materials and Workmanship

  * about the best way to protect the bodypack transmitter from sweat is to seal it in some way.  Some effective solutions include:
  • Condoms - non lubricated please - stretched over the transmitter
  • Bodupack Latex Covers - our own bodypack sheath
  • Plastic Wrap - a little less controversial perhaps - wrap it tight a couple of times around
  • Sandwich bag - I don't use zip type - drop bodypack in and semi seal it but let the antenna stand straight up - do not fold antenna in to fit inside.


The TB30/40  is ideal for live performances, broadcast, preaching, teaching, theater etc. Fitted properly, a Bodymics bodypack transmitter waist belt is almost invisible and sits firmly in the small of the back.  Will add a video shortly to show how to wear and adjust the TB30 - meanwhile here is our video on setting up earset microphones:

Almost every bodypack available on the market will fit our belt, including all of the following brands:

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